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Patrick Carley

Patrick Carley has been involved in the entertainment industry since 1978 as a musician, actor, videographer and businessman. As a child Patrick participated in the arts including acting and music, performing in musicals and polishing his drumming skills at the age of ten. As Patrick reached his teens he attended Housatonic Valley Regional High School located in Falls Village Connecticut, where he became fascinated with video production and joined the audio visual department fulfilling duty's that included filming and editing school events. Patrick continued on through high school performing in the school orchestra, Jazz bands and a local rock band as well as keeping up with his videography skills.

After high school Patrick moved on to serve four years in the United States Navy on board the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea. His job on the ship was in damage control and was a member of the fire rescue team The Flying Squad. In his spare time he performed as the drummer for the ships rock band and volunteered at the ships television station as a camera operator.

With an honorable discharge in his pocket, Patrick set out for his new life in Orlando Florida where he became a self employed businessman. He enjoyed being self employed because it gave him flexible hours so he could pursue his creative interests including music and film.

In his late twenty's Patrick got the acting itch again as he had in his childhood and enrolled in film and television acting school, Improv acting school and radio broadcasting school. With this education he learned all aspects of acting and voice - over acting. He has been a principle actor in local and national commercials, children's programming and live productions.

As time went on Patrick still maintained his businesses and also became the drummer for the musical group Mansion Maze, performing in large venues and experiencing professional recording studios, completing three records to date. After 25 years Patrick is still with Mansion Maze, performing, recording and also creating musical scores for film production projects.

In 2005 Patrick was working with his wood crafting business and decided to start filming and producing How To DIY wood working videos. After many trials and errors Patrick decided to purchase his own camera gear and with the help of director Chad Coleman started the filming and editing process. Patrick was now working in front and behind camera and he loved it.
From that moment on he's been hooked on the film making process and has become a very talented filmmaker utilizing his extensive experience as a musician, actor and producer.

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